Consulting / Research

Nustadia Consulting Division

Nustadia Recreation Inc. (NRI) is able to bring lessons learned, experience and firsthand knowledge to the Consulting exercise that is invaluable to our clients. We provide comprehensive and strategic documents outlining the extensive research and experiences gathered through the many years of NRI project developments and operations across the Country.  These documents range from strategic planning documents such as a Recreation Master Plan either inclusive or exclusive of infrastructure renewal strategies to Governance Structuring such as Board of Director By-Law Development. 

Our Consulting can take many forms such as;

  • Master Planning – Through the identification of current and future needs and industry best practices, provide an inclusive framework for consistent planning; acquisition; development; and the operation and delivery of recreation facilities, programs, and park services.
  • Operational Reviews – Utilizing our recreation facility management and operating expertise, existing data base, and industry best practices, we can provide detailed facility specific or overall recreation and parks department organizational reviews to help clients improve service delivery and reduce overall operating costs.
  • Business Plans & Operating Proformas – Provision of capital cost estimates, projected revenues from building uses, projected operational expenses, and projected capital and debt financing requirements to support project economic viability.
  • Community Needs Analysis – Identifying overall community need and support for the project.
  • Project Master Planning – Identification of all of the required elements of the project with respect to project scope, work statement, available resources, technical details, site location, parking requirements, services and utilities requirements, building program

Our consulting approach is collaborative in nature and works to guide the client through a researched and fiscally responsible approach to building for the future.